Re-platforming is scary. Is it worth it?

If you’re a technology leader you don’t want to have to re-platform unless there is significant ROI for doing so. The two main reasons we see people move to Kubernetes are:

  1. They’re on a PaaS and the PaaS has become too expensive.
  2. They’re in need of the flexibility and granular control Kubernetes offers.

If your costs are low, and your need for granular control are low, stay where you are. If your infrastructure is doing exactly what you need it to, then there is no reason to move for the sake of moving.

However, if you want to re-platform now because you anticipate massive growth, you want your spend to very closely match your usage, or you know you have technical needs to address at a granular level, then Kubernetes is the platform for you.

Adoption of Kubernetes is safeguarding for the future.

As the adoption of Kubernetes increases, the tools to support it will also increase. Everything in the future of the cloud is going to be built on Kubernetes in the next 5–10 years, whether that’s obscured away from the user or not.

Kubernetes is the future. You can get on board without having to fear. If you want help and further peace of mind-Fairwinds has the expertise, software, and support to help you get to Kubernetes in production with peace of mind.




Fairwinds — The Kubernetes Enablement Company | Editor of uptime 99

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Fairwinds — The Kubernetes Enablement Company | Editor of uptime 99

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