Is My Kubernetes Environment Ready for the Holiday Season?

This year’s holiday shoppers are going online. With little incentive to go to a store, Covid restrictions and pressure to still make this holiday season special, it’s predicted that e-commerce is going to soar. I wrote about why Kubernetes is making a difference for e-commerce retailers previously; now what about those teams who adopted Kubernetes over the past year or two?

Is your environment ready for the influx of shoppers? Can you autoscale without breaking the bank? Do you have the right limits in place? What about security? Can the system handle a DDoS attack?

If you answered yes to all of the above, congratulations! Kubernetes is complex and having the reliability in place to cope with increased shopping demand certainly deserves a round of applause.

If any of these questions cause you to pause, that’s completely understandable. adidas platform engineer, Daniel Eichten, speaking at a previous KubeCon explained his journey to Kubernetes, “It was sometimes a relation of love, sometimes it was just hate, and very randomly and seldom it was also, what the $%!!”

Kubernetes creates many benefits around continuous development, rapid scale and more reliability to name just a few. But if you are new to Kubernetes, have just completed your transformation in preparation for the holiday season, or are even a seasoned professional, you might want some help.

Kubernetes Audit and Improve

Before your seasonal code-freeze, you might feel more confident if your Kubernetes environment was reviewed to ensure the stability of your website.

Fairwinds created Kubernetes Audit and Improve to help DevOps teams at e-commerce retailers identify weaknesses that could bring down the site.

A combination of services and software, Kubernetes Audit and Improve audits your Kubernetes environments, provides a plan for improvement according to established best practices and offers on-going validation that enforces security, efficiency, and reliability.

Our team of Kubernetes experts, using purpose-built automation, will audit your environment, suggest improvements and be available to support your team via Slack as changes are implemented.

Don’t Have Time for an Audit?

If your code freeze is happening imminently, but you still want confidence in your system, Fairwinds Insights can scan your environment against reliability configurations. Core to Kubernetes reliability is the ability to proactively identify changes required including setting resource requests and limits, autoscaling pods using a metric that represents application load, and using liveness and readiness probes. Fairwinds Insights is a SaaS solution that sites outside your system, auditing your configurations and providing Action Items with remediation suggestions to help you improve application reliability.

Learn more about Fairwinds Audit and Improve and Fairwinds Insights to help you meet the demands of this year’s holiday season.

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