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  • Steven Wade

    Steven Wade

    Independent Kubernetes Consultant & Trainer.

  • Kendall Dancepants (he/him)

    Kendall Dancepants (he/him)

    k8s twitter, bikes twitter, pipes twitter, and .... uh... dad jokes. President @Fairwindsops Leadership podcast

  • ApprenticeCTO


    I’m a CTO, sharing lessons learned on modern tech opportunities, challenges, and leadership, focusing on business value.

  • Pradeep Kumar

    Pradeep Kumar

    Componentizing cloud management with next-gen workflows; Creator @TotalCloudio

  • Micah Martin

    Micah Martin

    Software creator. Tinkerer. Builder. Dad. Husband.

  • Joe Pelletier

    Joe Pelletier

    Boston-based product management professional. Passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. Currently @Fairwinds, previously @Veracode.

  • Kim Schlesinger

    Kim Schlesinger

    SRE, Educator, CoFounder of <div>ersity

  • Ivan Fetch

    Ivan Fetch

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