Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 7.7.0–7.11.0: Spotlight on Navigation Improvements

Written By: Dakoda Wogan

Hello from Fairwinds! As usual, we have been working hard to continually upgrade the features and functionality of Fairwinds Insights, our Kubernetes security and governance software. Along with the usual bug fixes, this month’s release notes will cover all of our recent changes, including new pages for Status and Efficiency, along with other navigational improvements. Read on to learn more about these recent enhancements to Insights, our policy-driven configuration validation platform.

Feature Spotlight: 7.9.0 Navigation Improvements

As a result of this upgrade, Insights customers will experience a clean and consistent navigational experience across the application. Users will find the switch from Organizational View into Cluster View is now seamlessly integrated into the platform.

The new Efficiency page now offers a home for the Workloads page and a placeholder for future Cost Optimization and Reporting enhancements. Customers will also find Action Items are easier to find, with a simple toggle feature to look for Action Items in a single cluster-or for the entire organization from a single page. To learn more, feel free to watch our short informational video on navigational improvements.

7.11.0 New Insights Status Page

With our recent upgrades, users can now track the status of Insights. If Fairwinds is ever experiencing widespread issues, we will provide information to customers here. The new Status page can now be found under the Help items. You can always check current operational system status HERE.

Search by Label on Workloads

Further, users of Insights can now search workloads based on labels. Customers can use the Search feature on the Efficiency > Workloads page to search for desired labels. Example: app=myApp. There were also some other improvements made here, including UI improvements and a new description feature when Action Items are exported to CSV.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Both the 7.8.0 and 7.10.0 releases consisted of several tweaks and upgrades. For specific information on these and other features of Fairwinds Insights, please visit our Release Notes any time.




Fairwinds — The Kubernetes Enablement Company | Editor of uptime 99

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Fairwinds — The Kubernetes Enablement Company | Editor of uptime 99

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