Fairwinds Insights 5.2.0–5.4.0 Release Notes

Written By: Dakoda Wogan

3 min readSep 8, 2021

In August we’ve been fixing bugs and adding new team management capabilities in our Fairwinds Insights latest releases. The updates in 5.2.0, 5.3.0, and 5.4.0 include new updates related to Kubernetes security, policy, and governance. Our recent updates to team management helps you limit access to sensitive information and get the right information to the right people. Learn more about the new features and additional functionality in our releases.

If you need continuous Kubernetes security monitoring, policy enforcement, and the ability to govern compliance and optimize costs, try Insights.

Fairwinds Insights 5.4.0 Release

Fixed Action Items Bug

We fixed a bug that used “last seen” instead of “first seen” to count fixed action items. As a result, fixed action item numbers are now more accurate.

Fixed Slack Bug

We fixed a bug in our Slack interface that didn’t display the previous channel selected when searching for a different Slack channel.

Fixed Ability to Delete Repositories

We fixed a bug where you could not delete repositories, so users now have that capability.

Fixed SAML Errors

We resolved an issue that occurred when enabling our recently introduced Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) capabilities. Fairwinds Insights supports single sign-on via a SAML identity provider. Learn more about the SAML integration.

Fairwinds Insights 5.3.0 Release

Team Management

We launched a new interface and API for managing teams within your organization. Within an organization, you can create multiple teams, each of which has access to a particular set of clusters, namespaces, and repositories. This allows you to assign members of those teams to a specific role, which limits the actions they can take on those objects. This new team management capability is a great way to limit access to sensitive information and get the right information in front of the right people. Read about team management.

Agent v1.14

There’s a new version of the Insights Agent available! It includes some minor improvements, including better support for Kubernetes 1.21 and the latest updates to our plugin.

Fairwinds Insights 5.2.0 Release

Updated Settings

Our team made some changes to settings to improve your experience using Fairwinds Insights. First, we introduced User Settings, where you can now make updates to any personal user information or passwords. We also consolidated organization and cluster settings into one place to make it easier to manage.

Fixed Vulnerability Ticket Bug

There was a bug that wouldn’t allow users to create tickets on the vulnerability page, which is now resolved.

Fixed Toast

We fixed a bug that resulted in a user being unable to open up the Cost Settings page. We now display a toast when people who are not administrators attempt to navigate to that section of the application.

Token Revocation

It’s now easier to regenerate, provision, and manage tokens. To make any future token changes you can access this capability under Tokens within Settings in Fairwinds Insights.

Report History Bug

Previously, duplicate reports were displayed on the report history page. This bug is now resolved.

Updated Digest Email and Slack Notifications

The digest emails and Slack notifications are now updated to include warnings when charts are out-of-date.

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