CVE-2022–0185: How to Identify at Risk Kernel Versions in Your K8S Cluster

Written By: Andy Suderman

Identify Kernel Version in Kubernetes Clusters

Insights OPA Policy

package fairwindsallowedKernelVersion(elem) {
v := elem.parameters.kernelVersions[_]
elem.status.nodeInfo.kernelVersion == v
unsupportedKernel[actionItem] {
not allowedKernelVersion(input)
actionItem := {
"title": "Kernel Version is Unsupported ",
"description": sprintf("kernel version %s is unsupported", [input.status.nodeInfo.kernelVersion]),
"severity": 0.5, "remediation": "Update the base image version.",
"category": "Security"
- 5.11.0-1027-aws
- apiGroups:
- ''
- Node
kubectl get nodes -o jsonpath='{range .items[*]}{}{"\t"}{.status.nodeInfo.kernelVersion}{"\n"}{end}'



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