Configuration Validation Software — Video Demo

The Kubernetes ecosystem is built on great open source. There are hundreds of tools to help with security, efficiency, reliability. And in the security space there are 40+ projects to choose from. But understanding which tools to use, and operationalizing them across multiple clusters, requires significant time and resources.

We have experienced this problem first-hand. So we developed Fairwinds Insights, a turnkey configuration validation software solution for deploying great Kubernetes open source tools that protect and optimize Kubernetes workloads. Fairwinds Insights adds collaboration workflows and toolchain integrations to enable a smooth transition from development to operations.

Trying Fairwinds Insights is easy and free by registering your email address. Here are a few videos to show you what to expect.

Fairwinds Insights Demo: Overview (1 minute)

Fairwinds Insights Demo: Installation (2 minutes)

See how to attach Fairwinds Insights to your existing cluster.

Fairwinds Insights Demo: Action Items Overview (45 seconds)

Action Items allows engineers and DevOps a way to prioritize and track findings and fixes. It offers valuable remediation information including YAML snippets in some cases.

Kubernetes Deployment Container Security (1:30 minute)

See how Fairwinds Insights evaluates the security posture of your cluster. In this video, you’ll see how we deployed an application called hello-kubernetes.

Kubernetes Cluster Security (1 minute)

In addition to deployment security and container image scanning, Fairwinds Insights integrates cluster level scans. See how we improve Kubernetes cluster security.

Kubernetes Efficiency (1 minute)

As Developers and DevOps engineers work quickly to get applications to run in Kubernetes, they may neglect to set CPU and memory limits. Or worse, they spend a bunch of back-and-forth trying to figure out the CPU and memory limits. Apps will run, but they may not be that efficient. This video shows how Fairwinds Insights helps with resource efficiency by reviewing configuration problems the tool can easily show you.

Kubernetes Reliability (1 minute)

This video showcases how Fairwinds Insights helps with reliability. Readiness and Liveness probes are optional but enable Kubernetes’ self-healing capabilities. Flagging whether or not your deployments has these probes set is one of the ways Fairwinds Insights helps you run reliable Kubernetes applications.

You can try Fairwinds Insights to see for yourself how quickly it can help with your Kubernetes configurations.





Fairwinds — The Kubernetes Enablement Company | Editor of uptime 99

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Fairwinds — The Kubernetes Enablement Company | Editor of uptime 99

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